Caring for Your Windows, Glass & Vinyl Surfaces in Surrey and the Lower Mainland

We would like to thank you for choosing Morrison Windows. Along with providing high quality, beautiful and Energy Star® windows, we would like to help teach you to maintain and care for your windows so they last a lifetime! Vinyl windows are designed to be low maintenance, but due to the weather and environmental conditions, they may require some cleaning over time. Once every year you should visually inspect your windows, in and out, for any physical damage or debris build up. Test all handles and locks for any issues in how they function. Hinges and rollers may be cleaned and lightly oiled to ensure smooth movement. If you live near the ocean, we suggest more frequent care and maintenance.


When cleaning the glass surfaces of Morrison Windows, use an approved glass cleaning product or mild detergent. Make sure the products you use are not acidic and do not contain ammonia, as these may cause damage. Use a soft, non-abrasive sponge or cloth to clean as instructed by your chosen glass cleaning product. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth. Never use a power washer to clean any part of your windows.


To clean the vinyl surfaces of your window frames and sashes, first rinse with a standard hose, and then use a mild liquid dish soap and hot water. Avoid caustic solvents, acetone or paint thinner as they may damage the vinyl. Use a soft, non-abrasive sponge or cloth to remove any dirt or dust by wiping thoroughly. A soft-bristled brush may be used to help get into ridges or bevelled areas but never use an abrasive cleaning tool such as sandpaper or steel wool. After washing with your soapy solution, rinse the frame with clean water.

Drain Holes

Morrison Windows products have drain holes to allow for water drainage out of your home. Always be sure to keep the sill channel in the base of the frame free of dirt, dust or other debris. Periodically check your drain holes for any debris and clear if necessary to ensure appropriate performance of your windows.

Condensation on Interior Windows

A glass unit inside pane may sometimes develop moisture, usually in the winter and most often at the bottom or around the edges of the glass. This is not a problem with the windows; it is due to high room side humidity, when moisture builds up in the air it condenses on the coolest surface. Excess indoor humidity can be caused by many day-to-day activities such as cooking, laundry and showers. The best way to avoid this is to allow for good air circulation around your home. Always use kitchen and bathroom fans or if possible try to keep at least one window slightly open for air flow.

Condensation on Exterior of Windows

Sometimes moisture may develop on the outside pane of a glass unit; again this is not a problem with the windows. Moisture condensing on the exterior glass surface is actually a sign of good insulating glass products such as the Cardinal LoE/Argon gas filled sealed units in Morrison Windows products. This glass radiates heat away causing the outdoor glass temperature to fall below the dew point of the air. This is the same natural phenomena which causes condensation on a cold glass of water or dew on lawns. Condensation of glass units is only a problem when it is between the two panes of glass and therefore cannot be wiped away.


Morrison Windows screens may also accumulate dirt and dust. They can be vacuumed gently with a soft brush, simply hosed off with water or wiped with soap and water. Be careful when removing and cleaning screens to not damage them. Rinse with clean water and dry off.

Credit Application

Morrison Windows has a very efficient and easy way to set up pre-approval credit for your convenience. Please fill out the form completely and fax to our office at 604-539-1305. Upon receipt it will take 2-3 business days to process.


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